Whole Child Virtual Conference

Your Summer PD: Whole Child Education and Society

2012 ASCD Whole Child Virtual Conference

ASCD conducted its second Whole Child Virtual Conference in May 2012. This free conference showcases schools, authors, and research about implementing a whole child approach for a worldwide audience. View and share archived session recordings, presenter handouts, and related resources at www.ascd.org/wcvirtualconference.

Gain insight into the role of education in society, the purpose of schools in that society, and what we all can do to ensure that each child, in each school, and in each community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged through these presentations:

Find additional presentations highlighting school improvement, aligning health and education, successful schools, and creating a caring and positive school climate.

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Child Development Education

October 4, 2012

Tank you for the article! Child Development Education

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