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What Questions Do You Have About the Common Core State Standards?

Although most states plan to fully implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) during the 2014–15 school year, many questions remain about what the standards are, how they were created, and how they will influence students' and teachers' daily work. The current issue of ASCD Policy Points (PDF) outlines basic facts about the standards that you can use not only for your own background knowledge, but also to inform your discussions with your colleagues, community members (including parents), and local policymakers.

Common Core Talking Points - ASCD Policy PointsDid you know...?

  • Nine out of ten principals and teachers say that they are very knowledgeable or knowledgeable about the Common Core standards (The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Challenges for School Leadership, 2012).
  • Sixty-seven percent of principals and fifty-nine percent of teachers believe that implementing the Common Core standards is very challenging or challenging for school leaders (The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Challenges for School Leadership, 2012).
  • Eight out of ten principals are very confident or confident that the implementation of the Common Core standards will improve student achievement and better prepare students for college and the workforce; by comparison, slightly more than seven in ten teachers believe the same (The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Challenges for School Leadership, 2012).
  • Among the third of Americans who have heard of the CCSS, only four in ten say the standards can help make education in the United States more competitive globally; a majority say the standards will make the United States less competitive or have no effect (PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools, 2013).

Where do you fit? What questions do you have about the CCSS?

Read the full issue (PDF) for more information about the standards, the Common Core-aligned tests, and considerations and concerns that education leaders will have to address as they make the standards a reality for the nation's students. Check out the October issue (PDF), which highlights Common Core myths and facts.

ASCD Policy Points is an ASCD Educator Advocates resource that spotlights timely education policy issues of importance to all educators. Editions may illuminate education issues on which you can take action and feature useful resources, infographics, and tips for increasing your influence with policymakers and other education stakeholders. Sign up at www.educatoradvocates.org.

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