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What Does It Mean to Be an iCitizen?

What is the iCitizen Project? Whole Child Podcast guest Beth Sanders, a high school social studies teacher at Tarrant High School in Alabama who was named an Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013 and 2013 Teacher of the Year for Tarrant City Schools, explains:


As Sanders said, the project brought together Saint Joseph College freshmen in Connecticut and Tarrant High School juniors in Alabama to discuss and collaborate on this essential question: What does it mean to be an iCitizen—nationally, globally, and digitally? Both classes used Twitter and Skype to communicate with one another, bridging the physical gap between the two schools and creating an online iCitizen community. The project was created to promote consciousness and empathy in a digitizing world and students learned how to become agents of change and commit to being part of the solution.

So, what does it mean to be an iCitizen? Watch the video below to learn about the project and, in the section beginning at 2:40, hear Bryan, Justice, and Natasha share their definitions.


Students in Sanders' class also made iCitizen Passion Topic Project PSA videos. Viewers are encouraged to provide feedback, add comments, ask questions, and share the video to encourage a deeper authentic audience connection. The class hashtag is #SandersTHS.

Learning is NATURAL, The Way We Learn Should Be OPTIONAL
by Courtney Gressman (@cgressmanTHS)


Equal Rights For Everyone
by Dania Bravo (@BravoTHS)


We Are The Future: iCitizen PSA Poverty in America
by Paul Calloway (@greatmindsTHS)


Black Males: A PSA on Stereotypes
by Jamikal Hall


How are you personalizing learning for each of your students to help him be an independent, aware, and empathetic problem-solver who not only lives in, but thrives in, an ever-changing, globally-connected world?

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Jan Michael Vincent Abril

February 4, 2014

This is an exciting learning project. Kudos to you teacher

Alyson Carpenter

February 5, 2014

I am proud to know and work with a teacher so dedicated to students and the profession! I also love getting to know your kids each year through social media! Keep up the great work. You inspire me!

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