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Take Action: Support Effective Professional Development and Evaluation

The Effective Teaching and Leading Act (S. 1063) was recently introduced by United States Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), and we need your help in getting your Senators to support it! The bill would help ensure that teachers and principals are effectively trained, mentored, developed, and evaluated through proven, team-based professional development strategies.

ASCD worked closely with Senator Reed's office in crafting this bill that supports teachers and school leaders by providing:

  • Team-based, job-embedded professional development for teachers, school librarians, and staff.
  • Multiyear induction programs for new teachers and principals for the first two years of employment, including ongoing mentoring with paid release time and regular feedback to teacher and principal preparation programs.
  • High-quality, targeted professional development for teachers that aligns with college- and career-ready standards and the academic and improvement goals of the school, and professional development for principals that addresses school improvement strategies, engaging families and communities, and managing school resources.
  • Rigorous, transparent, and equitable teacher and principal evaluation systems based on multiple criteria, including student achievement and growth, and classroom practice.

Please send your senators an e-mail today asking them to cosponsor and support the bill. The more support and cosponsors this bill has, the greater likelihood that it will be included in ESEA reauthorization.

We've done the hard work for you; sending your letter should take no more than five minutes. Just input your name and contact information and feel free to personalize the sample message we've provided for you.

We will keep you informed about the bill's progress as it happens. Thank you for supporting S. 1063.

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