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Leader to Leader

Closing the Gaps Between Learners Through Relationships

At the recent ASCD Leader to Leader (L2L) conference, attendees had a series of passionate unconference conversations. Several groups refined their thoughts into a series of presentations to share with other attendees in an "idea marketplace." During the idea marketplace, unconference groups presented for four rounds of 10-minute sessions, giving their peers the opportunity to learn from several groups in one session.

This post, written by ASCD Affiliate leaders Sara Marcum (Arizona ASCD), Verneth Patterson (Bahamas ASCD), Kym Stein (Iowa ASCD), and Angeline Savard (Ontario ASCD); ASCD Emerging Leader Torian White; ASCD Student Chapter leader Melissa Getz (Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg); ASCD Whole Child Network school leaders Evangeline Iglesias and John Wesolowski (Guam); and ASCD Faculty Molly Bensinger-Lacy and Alicia Monroe share their group's experience. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #ASCDL2L.

During the idea marketplace at ASCD's L2L conference, our group's conversation focused on closing the gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots." The power of this conversation emerged from a common advocacy for all students and the reality that, regardless of educational context, we all serve those who possess resources and those who have limited resources. Some examples of these resources shared by participants include

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