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Melanie Olmstead

Building Support for Teacher Leaders

Teachers are increasingly embracing leadership roles that allow them to use their skills and expertise outside of the classroom. Yet many schools are facing challenges in implementing distributed leadership models that empower teachers to become influencers and decision makers. ASCD's latest Policy Priorities examines teacher leadership and the obstacles practitioners face from the classroom to the central office in cultivating programs that expand and enhance professional growth and leadership.

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ASCD Whole Child Bloggers

You Learn. You Teach. Now Lead.

ASCD Emerging Leaders are accomplished educators with 5–15 years of experience who are highly involved in ASCD and the education community as a whole. The two-year program is designed to prepare younger, diverse educators for potential influence and ASCD leadership. ASCD now enrolls more educators in each class than ever before and includes an Emerging Leaders grant opportunity that will award selected participants in their second year of the program with grants of up to $2,000. All emerging leaders in the program are provided with opportunities to pursue various leadership pathways, including serving on committees, hosting networking events for educators, advocating for sound education policy, and contributing to ASCD publications.

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming an ASCD Emerging Leader? Applications for the class of 2014 open on February 1. Learn more at www.ascd.org/emergingleaders, or e-mail constituentservices@ascd.org to be notified when the applications open.

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Meg Cohen

ASCD Forum: How Do We Define and Measure Teacher and Principal Effectiveness?

ASCD Forum

Across the globe, nations, districts, schools, and individuals face a timely and complex issue: How do we define and measure teacher and principal effectiveness?

Is there a definitive answer to this challenging question? We're not sure, but since January, ASCD has convened the ASCD Forum to focus educator conversation and insight on this important topic. From now through April 12, ASCD is seeking feedback on the following questions:

  • How do we define and measure teacher effectiveness?
  • How do we define and measure principal effectiveness?

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