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Summer Learning News Roundup

Across the country, temperatures are hitting the triple digits, but instead of spending lazy days at the pool, many kids are taking advantage of summer learning opportunities. A recent news roundup of articles and blog posts about summer learning reveals some trends: (1) summer learning programs can improve academic performance, especially for high-need kids, (2) many of these programs are threatened in our current economic climate, and (3) summer learning has moved away from our traditional vision of dreaded summer school.

Here's a sampling of the latest summer learning news:

  • Education Week's "Financial Woes Afflict Summer School" explains that while many school districts have had to scale back or eliminate summer learning programs because of budget shortfalls, other surviving programs have been transformed so that they're more engaging and fun for students.
  • "A New Vision: Students Actually Want to Attend Summer School," an editorial by Ron Fairchild, the chief executive officer of the National Summer Learning Association and a Whole Child Podcast guest, describes how summer learning that encourages learning and enrichment (not remediation) is a critical tool for helping low-income students gain academic ground.
  • Edutopia's "Alternatives to Teaching Summer School" provides suggestions for teachers who can't rely on a summer school paycheck and are looking for other ways to fill their summers.
  • A Toronto Sun article provides tips for parents on how they can keep their children actively learning during the summer months, without overcommitting them or completely eliminating time for relaxation and fun.

What types of summer learning opportunities does your school district or city offer? Have you witnessed summer learning cutbacks this year?

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