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Kids Need More Than Reading and Math, Argues ASCD Executive Director in CNN Commentary

"We can't narrow the focus of our schools into just math and reading and still expect to graduate students who are ready for college, a career and citizenship," writes ASCD Executive Director Gene Carter in his special commentary for CNN's Schools of Thought blog. "A comprehensive education provides students the opportunity to discover what they excel at and inspires a boost in overall student performance and confidence across all subjects."

Carter laments that Washington politicians don't share this view, pointing to a federal budget that has reduced or eliminated funding for arts, civics, economics, foreign languages, geography, and history programs.

To help the nation's students grow up to become creative, well-rounded people who are ready for the constantly evolving challenges of our world, Carter recommends

  • Including all elements of a comprehensive education in any definition of college, career, and citizenship readiness;
  • Maintaining federal funding for each discipline—with each receiving a minimum level of resources—and ensuring that any competition for funds is conducted within each discipline instead of across disciplines;
  • Ensuring that well-rounded programs are effective, undergo constant improvement, and help boost student learning; and
  • Reporting on the student achievement results of these programs at the school, district, and state levels.

Read the full commentary and learn more about the College, Career, and Citizenship Readiness Coalition, a new coalition led by ASCD that comprises more than two dozen national education organizations to promote school programs beyond reading, math, and science.

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