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Free Webinar—Connecting the Cultural Divide: What Do Great Teachers in the United States and China Do?

West Meets East: Best Practices from Expert Teachers in the U.S. and China - ASCDWest Meets East, in an exciting, free webinar as they discuss what teachers in the East (China) can learn from their counterparts in the West (United States) and vice versa.

Wednesday, April 29, 2014, 3:00 p.m. eastern time
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Teaching practice occurs in specific cultural settings and evolves in ways that can reflect the underlying cultural values advocated and nurtured by the wider society. The United States and China—two nations that are drastically different in demographics, history, political systems, and socioeconomic status—also differ dramatically in teaching systems and instructional practices. What can the two nations learn from each other?

With that in mind, Grant and Stronge set out to answer a set of questions regarding effective teachers in the two countries, not least of which were: What beliefs and practices of effective teachers are common to both U.S. and Chinese teachers? What beliefs and practices are unique to each culture?

In many school visits, teacher interviews, and observations Grant and Stronge uncovered striking and exciting similarities and differences among teachers. This webinar will focus on sharing stories that illuminate how teachers in each country viewed their personal relationships with students, planning as a part of the instructional process, best practices in instructional delivery, and classroom management and student engagement.

Leslie Grant is an assistant professor of education at the College of William and Mary, and teaches in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Area. Her research interests focus on cross-cultural comparisons of teaching, teacher effectiveness, and assessment literacy for classroom teachers and educational leaders. James Stronge is the Heritage Professor of Education, a distinguished professorship, in the Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership Area at the College of William and Mary. His research interests include policy and practice related to teacher quality and effectiveness, and teacher and administrator evaluation. Stronge will also be featured in the upcoming Whole Child Symposium Virtual panel on May 14 discussing what's currently happening in schools and what’s needed in the future to be successful.

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