Klea Scharberg

Engaging students as community teachers

The Generation YES bloggers share their thoughts on a success story from Marriottsville, Md., where the community and students have become engaged in "Technology Thursdays," an after-school program featuring students teaching courses in game design, popular computer programs, and more. Classes are free and open to other students and community residents.

"Students have so much to offer, and schools and communities have so much to gain if we just let students take on authentic tasks and projects," writes Generation YES President Sylvia Martinez. "One teacher with a vision of students as competent, responsible contributors has changed a whole community for the better. Students can't learn to be leaders, teachers, and citizens in a vacuum."

Do your school and community provide students opportunities for community-based apprenticeships, internships, or projects? What's working in your community? What's missing? Share your story.

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