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Common Core and Student Success: What Parents Can Do

American Education WeekAmerican Education Week's Parents Day—it is important to consider the role parents play in the Common Core State Standards' success. Like most other education initiatives, the Common Core standards will need a team of committed individuals, starting at home with the parents, to ensure its success. The Common Core standards, developed by educators and experts using research and lessons from top-performing countries around the world, describe skills and knowledge children need to be successful in our quickly changing world, including the ability to think creatively, solve real-world problems, make effective arguments, and engage in debates. Parents who value education should embrace the Common Core because their children will be challenged like never before. However, those parents who fail to get involved in their child's education may see their children struggle under the new standards.

Many parents don't realize it, but reading to children when they are infants is the beginning step to becoming involved in a child's education. A disturbing trend in education has revealed that as a child gets older, parents become less involved in her education. This trend needs to be changed. Parents need to be as engaged in their child's education at age 18 as they are at age 5. Parents need to understand what the Common Core State Standards are and how they affect their child's future. Parents and teachers need to communicate more effectively, so that parents can stay on top of their child's education—to make sure that homework is complete, provide additional help and extra lessons, and stress the value of education. Parents are a powerful force in education, and no time is more vital to be influential than the Common Core era.

Looking for resources to help parents and educators collaborate for Common Core success? Below are a few blogs and whole child partner resources on involving parents with the Common Core, as well as additional resources that may be helpful.

Find more Common Core resources on this website and on ASCD's EduCore™ site.

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