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Meet ASCD President Becky J. Berg

Becky J. Berg

Becky J. Berg is from a family of educators. "My dad was a school board president; my mom was a career educator; and my sister, my grandmother, and my great-grandfather were educators," she says. Despite the genetic pull, Berg wasn't completely convinced she would follow in the family's footsteps until her experience as a summer camp counselor while she was in college. It was then that she realized how much she loved working with kids.

Today, Berg is the superintendent of the Deer Park School District in Deer Park, Wash. During her career, she has served at the middle and elementary levels as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, as well as an adjunct instructor at Eastern Washington University and Washington State University. Berg earned a bachelor's degree at Eastern Washington University, a master's degree in education from Western Washington University, and a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University.

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Willona Sloan

What’s the Secret to Student Success?

This article was originally featured in Education Update.

Educators today face many exciting challenges: preparing students for life and careers in the 21st century and helping every student overcome obstacles and experience the joy of learning. To meet these challenges, every teacher and every administrator must work together within their schools and across schools, breaking free of their silos and collaborating. Just as principals can no longer stay in their offices, administrating behind closed doors, teachers also cannot seal themselves inside of their classrooms.

Research proves that when teachers collaborate effectively to analyze student performance, create interventions for struggling students, and continue their own professional learning, they can increase their efficacy. When principals empower teachers to do what they know is best for kids, children learn more and teachers find more satisfaction in their work. Collaboration creates a win-win-win situation for students, teachers, and administrators.

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Willona Sloan

Meet ASCD President Debra Hill

New ASCD President Debra Hill

In her career as an educator, Debra Hill has worked at just about every level of education, from classroom teacher to superintendent to university professor.

She discovered her calling during her sophomore year at Northwestern University, when she designed cultural activities for young children. "I spent a summer with 25 5- to 7-year-olds—and 1 assistant—and decided, 'This is fun!'" Hill says.

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