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ASCD’s New ED on Ed

Judy Seltz, ASCD's new executive director, outlines her plans for the association and her vision for education in a wide-ranging interview with Education Week blogger Peter Dewitt. In the process, Seltz details some of the association's policy priorities and recent successes. Read on for highlights from the interview.

  • Supporting the Whole Child: "The Whole Child Resolution, cosponsored by Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) and Rodney Davis (R-IL), was recently introduced in the House of Representatives. Our policy team helped draft the resolution language, and we're excited about this important step toward developing policies that effectively promote each student's long-term learning, development, and success." Seltz shares ASCD's recent accomplishments in promoting a whole child approach to education, including the aforementioned resolution, which you can ask your representative to support today. She also highlights the Whole Child State Snapshots, which measure how well each state—and the nation as a whole—is supporting the comprehensive needs of its students. Additionally, Seltz points to ASCD board member and deputy superintendent of Tacoma (WA) Public Schools, Josh Garcia, who has led the creation of a multimetric accountability system (PDF) aligned with the district's overall goal to support the whole child.
  • Evolving Professional Development: "We've made an effort to provide professional learning opportunities that take into consideration the new realities in education: connected educators, accessibility of information, and tighter budgets for both finances and time." Seltz describes ASCD's work to deliver relevant and flexible professional learning in tune with educators' needs. She emphasizes three key elements of professional learning (research-based, customized, and job-embedded) that ASCD both advocates for and applies in its own products, programs, and services.
  • Common Core State Standards: "First and foremost, our focus is on enabling educators to do the best job they can so their students are successful, no matter what standards are in place." Seltz explains that, regardless of the specific standards or accountability measures schools are implementing, ASCD will continue to focus on "building educator effectiveness, increasing local capacity, and helping each school become a successful learning environment." To stay up-to-date on the latest Common Core developments, subscribe to Core Connection, ASCD's twice-monthly e-newsletter.

Read the full interview for more.

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