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A Commitment to Educating the Whole Child: Inservice Roundup

Here at ASCD, the Whole Child Initiative drives our daily work—regardless of what our job descriptions entail. As a former teacher, I am particularly devoted to supporting the whole child and ensuring the safety and health of every student I encounter. Keeping the whole child in mind, I post content for ASCD's Inservice blog that consistently reflects our commitment to fostering a healthy, safe, engaging, supportive, and challenging environment for students.

If you aren't familiar with Inservice, it is the official blog of ASCD. Much like a school inservice meeting, Inservice stimulates conversation. Posts cover the biggest topics in education today and offer insight, information, and resources that empower educators to support the success of each learner. You will also find timely policy updates, association news, and insider details of conferences and more.

Since the school year is in full swing and your time is precious in these first few months, I've compiled a short list of some of my favorite Inservice blog posts that truly reflect an educator's commitment to the whole child:

  • Recently, ASCD CEO and Executive Director Gene R. Carter was recognized by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education's Global Scientific Committee as one of the three award winners for best health promotion practice. Read more about his remarks and his commitment to the whole child in "Health and Education are Symbiotic."
  • ASCD's Sean Slade reflects back on his days as a teacher and asks all educators: "Why do you teach what you do?" Read more in this back-to-school blog post.
  • How do I prepare my students for the real world? Veteran school leader and popular Educational Leadership columnist Thomas R. Hoerr answers precisely this question in Fostering Grit, his short-format ASCD Arias™ publication. Read an excerpt from the publication.
  • Fall Conference Preview: Salome Thomas-EL (Principal EL) shares his thoughts on school leadership, particularly the belief that passionate teachers and students need passionate leaders, in a blog post preview of his 2013 Conference on Educational Leadership general session.

Want to read more? Be sure to subscribe to Inservice! You can also find us discussing Inservice posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. I look forward to seeing you over at Inservice!

Tina Byland is a public relations and social media professional on the ASCD Communications team. She helps manage various ASCD social media channels and the ASCD Inservice blog, while also working in traditional media outreach. Before joining ASCD in 2013, she was a pre-kindergarten teacher in Annapolis, Md., and a selector for D.C. Teaching Fellows. Prior to teaching, Byland has six years of public relations experience.

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