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2013 Best of the Blog: 5–1

In the past year, experts and practitioners in the field, whole child partners, and ASCD staff have shared their stories, ideas, and resources to help you ensure that each child, in each school, in each community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged and prepared for success in higher education, employment, and civic life.

School Safety Lessons Learned: From Cleveland to Newtown
by Stephen Sroka

Working with school safety for more than 30 years, I have tried to help schools and communities keep our youth safe and healthy so that they can learn more and live better. Here are several lessons that I have learned.

Where Are We Going and Why? by Andy Hargreaves and Pasi Sahlberg
In his book The Fourth Way, Andy Hargreaves states, "We are entering an age of post-standardization in education. It may not look, smell, or feel like it, but the augurs of the new age have already arrived and are advancing with increasing speed." He and noted expert Pasi Sahlberg discuss how this "fourth way" goes "beyond standardization, data-driven decision making, and target-obsessed distractions to forge an equal and interactive partnership among the people, the profession, and their government."

Who Is Today's Principal? by Daniel W. Smith
In order to effectively lead as a principal in today's schools, individuals must focus on high-quality classroom instruction. Yes, principals must serve as visionary, instructional, influential, and learning leaders, but they must serve in these roles in relation to effective instruction.

21st Century Skills and the Common Core Standards by Andrew Miller
The Common Core State Standards explicitly call for 21st century skills, so through uncovering the 3 Cs in the Common Core standards, we can see how educators must teach and assess them.

There Is No Debating the Six Shifts by Peter DeWitt
As we continue down the road of more mandates and accountability than we have ever seen, we cannot lose touch, no matter how hard it may be, with our jobs to teach the whole child.

Happy holidays and a healthy, safe, engaging, supportive, and challenging 2014!

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