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2013 Best of the Blog: 20–16

In the past year, experts and practitioners in the field, whole child partners, and ASCD staff have shared their stories, ideas, and resources to help you ensure that each child, in each school, in each community is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged and prepared for success in higher education, employment, and civic life.

Giving Our Kids an Early Start to Success by John Farden
Although the U.S. dropout crisis is sad and shameful, it is hardly unpredictable. Too many children enter school already behind, struggle, fall further behind, struggle some more, get frustrated, and ultimately quit. John Farden discusses how reading to young children can reduce barriers and expand opportunities for children in school and for life.

Why Resilience Is Critical in a Learning Environment by Tammy Russell
When a student spends time in the classroom without resilience—without that grit to pick himself up and try again—critical learning and self-development time is lost.

Early Childhood Education Programs: Play
by ASCD Whole Child Bloggers

According to Thomas Armstrong, despite accountability debates, budget cuts, and new education trends, one thing remains true: kids need time to play.

Reducing the Effects of Child Poverty by Klea Scharberg
Children represent 24 percent of the population, but they comprise 34 percent of all people in poverty. How can we reduce the effects of poverty on our students?

Lots of Second Chances by Walter McKenzie
People deserve lots of second chances. ASCD's Walter McKenzie believes that, as educators, we should all be the champions of second chances for young people everywhere.

Happy holidays and a healthy, safe, engaging, supportive, and challenging 2014!

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